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Congrats to Rachael Krause on her new gig as a multimedia journalist at Spectrum News Orlando. This is a newsroom committed to quality storytelling where Rachael will continue to thrive. Most recently, rachael was a multimedia journalist at wave in Louisville, ky. Congrats, Rachael!

Congrats to Andy McDonnell on his new gig as a sports multi-skilled journalist at KARE in Minneapolis, MN! Andy is an incredibly creative storyteller who will be joining a legacy station in an exciting sports market. Most recently, Andy was a sports anchor/reporter at WANE in Fort WayNe, IN. Congrats, Andy!

Congrats to Bill Wadell on his new gig as a Weather Correspondent for AccuWeather! Bill freelanced with them during Hurricane Dorian and is now stepping into a full-time role. When he's not out chasing the world's biggest weather events, Bill will enterprise weather stories in the Dallas area. Most recently, Bill was an anchor/reporter at WFXR in Roanoke, VA. Congrats and stay safe, Bill!

Congrats to Savannah Louie on her new gig as an anchor/multiskilled journalist at KSDK in St. Louis. She'll be anchoring an hour of morning news, followed by handling digital anchor duties. Savannah will also have some opportunities to get out in the field and utilize her storytelling skills. Most recently, savannah was a multimedia journalist at kens in san Antonio, tx. Congrats, Savannah!

Congrats to Kendria LaFleur for re-signing as an anchor/mmj at KATC in her home state of Louisiana! Kendria is a very creative journalist that will continue to grow in this role. Congrats, Kendria!

Congrats to Madeline Schmitt on her new gig as a multi-skilled journalist at WVEC in Norfolk, VA! Madeline is excited to be a part of a newsroom awarded the NPPA East General Station of the Year in 2018. most recently, Madeline was an anchor/reporter at krqe in Albuquerque, nm. congrats, Madeline!

Congrats to Paula Vasan on her new gig as an investigative multiskilled journalist at WHAS in Louisville, ky! This is a newsroom primed to make a splash in the storytelling community and Paula's excited to be a part of it. Most recently, Paula was an mmj at News 12 Brooklyn. congrats, Paula!